The Chapter Four
Tattoo←: Stardust - Yuki - White Tattoo 
E.V.E Oracle of Atlantis Gacha
E.V.E Prism of the Oracle {Stand} RARE
E.V.E Prism of the Oracle RARE
E.V.E Pieces of Ice {Cloud-Candy}

Hair→: [monso] My Hair - Mina /Black & White

We love Role-Play
Pose→: BodyLanguage SLC SS POSE Bento - Fine Sand A
Pose←: BodyLanguage SLC SS POSE Bento - Fine Sand B
*-6pose with Mirror
-for Bento and Non Bento (SS:Non Bento ver.)

The Arcade
Gacha Galley
Sweet Thing. Bath'kol Gacha
Bodysuit: Sweet Thing. Bath'kol Bodysuit/Corruption (Maitreya) RARE
Choker: Sweet Thing. Bath'kol Choker - Purity/Corruption (Maitreya) 
Garter: Sweet Thing. Bath'kol Garter - Purity/Corruption (Maitreya)
Leg Wraps: Sweet Thing. Bath'kol Leg Wraps - Purity/Corruption (Maitreya) 
Heels: Sweet Thing. Bath'kol Wrapped Heels - Purity/Corruption (Maitreya)
Wings(white): Sweet Thing. Bath'kol Valkyrie Wings
* gift for playing the machine 25 times
Sweet Thing. Beat 'Em Up SQUAD Gacha
Tattoo(scar)→: Sweet Thing. Squad Scrapes
[CX] Krampus Night Gacha
Cuff: [CX] 20 - Yule Lord Cuff (Obsidian)
Horns: [CX] 3 - Yule Lord Horns (Obsidian)
Tail: [CX] 14 - Yule Lord Tail (Jade)

Skin/Mesh lip: .tsg. Morgan Skin+Mesh Lips - A Tone @The Kawaii Project
Wings: Fawny - Succubus.
Tattoo(face)→: Lovely Disarray - Battle Ready : Warpaint Makeup Set @Suicide Dollz
Eyes: CURELESS [+] Collyrium Eyes / FATPACK (v.1)
Tears: CURELESS [+] Collyrium Tears / FATPACK (v.1)

Skin: : VCO ~ Tina's Skin { RARE }
Mesh lip: VCO _ yona mesh lip _ open mouth
Eyelashes: VCO ~ Bambi Eyelash [ White ] _ B
Hair: tram F1124 hair (past FLF)

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