Star River

Creators Collection Box
Head Bow: [:-.SOUEN.-:]Suzu Ribbon
Kimono: tomoto, kimono deep sky blue
Hokora: *booN-kura Ruined Hokora A2
Gohai: *booN-kura Hokora gohaigu A1
8f8 - Wondrous Journey - MIX COOL Shrooms - BAG
Shrooms(Blue): 8f8 - Wondrous Journey - Shrooms SMALL - MIX Blues
8f8 - Wondrous Journey - EXCLUSIVE Shrooms - BAG
Shrooms(White): 8f8 - Wondrous Journey - Shrooms BIG - White Exclusive
8f8 - Wondrous Journey - The Voyager - BAG
Boat: 8f8 - Wondrous Journey - The Voyager
Water Lilies: 8f8 - Wondrous Journey - Water Lilies Path

Tres Chic
Hair: *booN Lab.069 hair blonde pack

Skin: VCO ~ Tina's Skin { RARE }
Mesh lip: VCO _ yona mesh lip _ open mouth
Make up(Forehead): Lovely DIsarray - Neo Geisha Concept : Dots
Eyebrows: violetta. -female eyebrows01(Pale Tone)
Cheek: violetta. -Jyouki cheek (Tintable)
Eyemake: violetta. -F Kitsune makeup
Milky way: {iD}MilkyWaY (GrouP GifT)
Lantern: {anc} forest lantern. 
Pose: andika[mon chat pose pack] all the stuff

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