Bubble Bath

The Chapter Four
. offbeat . mesh head "nana" Gacha
Mesh Head←: . offbeat . mesh head "nana" : winky Rare
Mesh Head→: . offbeat . mesh head "nana" : cloase eyes Rare

Hair→: [monso] My Hair - Momo 

Hair←: *barberyumyum*73 (brown)
Towel(body): /// offbeat /// 2014 onsen story 1 - body towel white (add)
Bath: PILOT - Bathtime [ Pink ]
Bubble(head): PILOT - Bathtime [ Head Suds ] wear
Hamster(Soap): MishMish - Hammie & Liquid Soap
Hamster(bubble): MishMish - Hammie & Bubbles
Hamster(mask): MishMish - Hammie & Facial Mask
Hamster(slipper): MishMish - Hammie & Slippers
Wash bowl: Soy. Old hand wash bowl stand
Tree: Soy. Tree Set
House: dust bunny. upcycled cabin 1
Pose(both): andika [Froth on the Daydream]

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