Why don't U Notice Me like I Notice U

{sallie} Notice Me Senpai GACHA
*Only maitreya size
Camisole: {sallie} Notice Me Senpai - camisole - blue berry
Pantie: {sallie} Notice Me Senpai - pantie - lemonade

The Kawaii Project
Necklace: Quirky - 90s Necklace - Crystal
sue cream. yummy phone GACHA
Bottle: sue cream. yummy phone gacha - bottle 1
Sundae: sue cream. yummy phone gacha - Rare 3

Heels: Astralia - Dorotea heels (baby blue)
Socks: Astralia - Dorotea socks addon! (GIFT) white ribbon

Luxe Box (August has ended) HP
Tiger: MishMish - Lil Tiger (add on skull)
Tiger: MishMish - Lil Tiger - stance D
Bed: tarte. raleigh bed 

Hair: tram F517 hair
Skin: : VCO ~ Tina's Skin { RARE }
Lip: VCO ~ Berry Pink Mesh lip

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