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Creators Collection Box 
Yukata←: +PIERO+ casual yukata maitreya red
Kimono→: cling shiro : kokorotayori
Geta: [CX] Kage Geta F ( Silver )
Claw: *:..Silvery K..:* Claw of SilverCross_C(for Lady)
{-MK-} My little pond_plate B(1Li)
{-MK-} My little pond_bowl (1Li/texture animation)
{-MK-} My little plant_Tokusa Yellow-G(1Li)
{-MK-} My little plant_Tokusa Red-G(1Li)
7. [[RH]] Kingyo -Tana- (Gold fish in wooden container)
4. [[RH]] Hoozuki (B)
12. [[RH]] Endai -Tatami deck-
18. [[RH]] Goza -Fuji- (Mat Wistaria)
19. [[RH]] Goza -Kingyo- (Mat gold fish)
22. [[RH]] Kaeru (Frog) [S-Secret]

The Fantasy Collective 
*N*Fairy's Branch White
*N*Fairy's Branch Wing White

Mens Only Monthly
Pose: Katana 01/06 - PURPLE POSES

Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*N*NINJA Shuriken HairAcce #2 Black

Skin: VCO ~ Tina's Skin { RARE }
Makeup←: violetta. -F Kitsune makeup 06
Eyes←: violetta. -Kitsune eyes
Hair: [ SIXTY NINE ] - HAIR 05
Hair: *barberyumyum*71 
make up→: *pulcino*eyeshadows "usagi-manjyu" Japanese Red
Hand tattoo: Clemmm - Sad Knuckles *GG* 

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