You've Washed Away My Fears.

The Arcade Gacha     SIM2
Collar←: Sweet Thing. Clear Kitty Collar - Yellow
Hair←: [LCKY] Mei 
Hair→: [LCKY] Momo
Cat ears: darkendStare. nyan ears (black/white)
Kitty(rez): Sweet Thing. Cuddle Kitties - Plopped (Hentai)
Kitty(Burger): Sweet Thing. Cuddle Kitties - Cheeseburger (Hold L) RARE
Kitty(Madame): Sweet Thing. Cuddle Kitties - Madame (Hold R) RARE
Kitty(Deadpuss): Sweet Thing. Cuddle Kitties - Deadpuss (Hold L) RARE
Uniform←: .tsg. Delinquent Uniform - Black RARE
Glove: .tsg. BadGal Glove - Black [Slink Gesture Hands]
Slugger: .tsg. Baseball Bat - Lil Slugger
Bag: .tsg. Booze Bag - Red
Cigarette: .tsg. Delinquent - Candy Cigs
Fence: RO - Junkyard Dogs - Wall03
Couple Pose: {-Maru Kado-} pose_XO 02 BOX @CCB

VCO Mainstore
Skin: VCO ~ Tina's Skin Set . RARE past arcade
Mesh lip: VCO ~ Berry Pink Mesh lip 
Mesh Lip: VCO ~ Vivi's Lip 01 . RARE

something. Mainstore
Uniform→: something. sailor school uniform_RARE 02
Choker→: something. que sera sera lace choker - white (rare)

Cat Scars: antielle. HSotD - 9 - Nyan!
Background: RAMA - #selfie_RAMA Graffiti Garage (don't wear)

Ten Thousand & Co. Neon Gacha 
5.welcome Crystal ARA Neon
4.ROUTE69 Neon
9.Eroticism Neon
2.Vintage DJ v.3 hi
3.Neon California Mid
7.LV NEON V.1.3
8.SCREAM_HC Pet-2 (wear)

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