Can't wait for holiday season. 2

Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Hair: !Oleander ~ Billie. FATTUMS Pack 
Ribbon: [NO CONCEPT] christmas ribbon
Bell: [NO CONCEPT] christmas tree bell
Ornament: [NO CONCEPT] christmas tree ornament(green)(red)(white)
Star: [NO CONCEPT] christmas tree star1.2.3
Sled: [NO CONCEPT] Christmas sled(white)
Snow crystal: [NO CONCEPT] snow crystal1.
Bone: MishMish - Bone Ornament
Kittybox: MishMish - Kitty in a box - Golden
Bunnybox: MishMish - Bunny in a box - Pastel
Puppybox: MishMish - Puppy in a box - Original
Ornament(pink): MishMish - Pink Yarn Ornament
Carrot: MishMish - Carrot Ornament
Chihuahua: *Hextraordinary* Present Puppies - Chihuahua (Rez)
Yorkie: *Hextraordinary* Present Puppies - Yorkie (Rez)
Pomeranian: *Hextraordinary* Present Puppies - Pomeranian (Rez)
Tree: Botanical - Douglas Fir Christmas Tree for Tannenbaum

Shiny Shabby
Outfit: (MORAN) Knit+Skirt gacha : A-02 

Wreath: ASO! Wood Wreath (white light) @CCB 50%OFF at CCB. FullPack is more cheap
Bear: Santa Bear Arcade Christmas Gift 2014 (Add Me) past gift
Pose: andika REZ[*Happy Holidays*posepack]@The Secret Room

KIRA KIRA -Twinkle star party-
Sparkly particles: [addme.] Item#001 (sparkly particles)
Boots: 2PM. Kirakira boots GACHA

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