Playful Dogs

The Seasons Story - Autumn * 2 year Anniversary * 
Tops: [ dami ] v-neck stripe sweat shirts fatpack
Chair: 01{Comfy afternoon} armchair .::Cubic Cherry ::. RARE
Table: 03{Comfy afternoon} table B .::Cubic Cherry ::.
Cup: {Have a nice tea} TSS gift .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.
Book: 07{Comfy afternoon} awesome story .::Cubic Cherry ::.
Cupcake: 10{Comfy afternoon} cupcakeA/B/C .::Cubic Cherry ::.
Cat: 15{Comfy afternoon} yocchan .::Cubic Cherry ::. RARE
Dog: Fawny - Happy Puppies.Playful Puppy - Chocolate
Dog2: Fawny - Happy Puppies.Sweet Puppy - Cream
Mug: ::C'est la vie !:: Autumn Mug for TSS gift 

The Liaison Collaborative
Leggins: Vinyl - Crowe Leggings Pak FATPAK (with,without strings)

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Ryleigh - BUY ALL
Jams: MishMish - Little Jam Deco -strawberry /peach/ blueberry @Uber
Glasses: * S O R G O - MarxShades Ty8!
Toast: {yumyum}Today's toast (Strawberry) Gift

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