Student Life

Okinawa Summer Festival 2015
[ dami ] summer school uniform RARE 
[ dami ] Pyong pyong school slippers #3 

Pose: //elephante poses// Walking On Dreams @The Epiphany

The Seasons Story
/Wasabi Pills/ June Mesh Hair - Chocolate
.Atomic. {Gacha} Shark Bait - Willy RARE

Classroom: Toan - Old Classroom Skybox @ORIGAMI
Cap: T-CAP ota gray-12
Snack: [ dami ]yum-yum snack! #12
Backpack: MishMish - Punky Skunk Backpack [Boxed]
Pencil: ::C'est la vie !:: Eraser Tipped Pencil(green) past gift
Mehs lip: VCO ~ Vivi's Lip 01 . RARE (past the arcade)

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