[DAMI]spring is coming / (*ANGELICA) SWEET EYES

Soon! [DAMI]spring is coming. @The Gacha Mania 8th round (Feb.20)

The gacha mania
20.[DAMI]spring is coming RARE Coming Soon!

Skin: (*ANGELICA) KANON :honeypink: VIP GIFT PACK (Oct 2014)
Eyes: (*ANGELICA) SWEET EYES #dark @Cosmetic Fair
Hair: .Olive. the Ivy Hair - Brown Puppy @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Bang: (Chemistry) Hair - Prue bangs (not rigged)
Necklace/Bag: [CGH] Macaron Bear Necklace Gacha @Thrift Shop Everything 50% or less
Earmuffs: [CGH] Macoron Bear Earmuffs -All colors- @Thrift Shop
Muffler: (MORAN) Winter muffler - 7

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