Bling Ring

The Secret Hideout
{vincue} Plastie+Girl Gacha
Corset: {vincue} Plastie+Corset - [Maitreya] 1 RARE
Undies: {vincue} Plastie+Undies - [Maitreya] 2 RARE
Skirt: {vincue} Plastie+Skirt - [Maitreya] 3 RARE
Headband: {vincue} Plastie+HeadBand - 4 RARE
Collar: {vincue} Plastie+Collar [Maitreya]
Cuff: {vincue} Plastie+Right/LeftArm [Maitreya]
Garter: : {vincue} Plastie+Right/LeftLeg [Maitreya]
Pose: :::K&S::: Candy pose

Astralia - Vintage backgrounds Gacha
Back ground: Astralia - Vintage backgrounds (Throne of awesome)

The Crossroads Event
Hands piercings: Astralia - Hands piercings corset (Maitreya bento)

Rings: Astralia - Lunar ascendant Rings (Maitreya)

The Gacha Garden
Mask: *Tentacio* Futur end gacha. Mask gas heart

Hair: *barberyumyum*65B (pink)
Wings: Fawny - Succubus.Wings - Black

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