Hair→: [monso] My Hair - Wendy /Pop

Memento Mori
Wednesday[+] Heart Attack
Collar←: Wednesday[+] ~ Cervical collar Black version
Electrodes←: Wednesday[+] ~ Electrodes Black version - Dead
Collar→: Wednesday[+] ~ Cervical collar Red version
Electrodes→: Wednesday[+] ~ Electrodes Red version - Half Dead
Rafflesia←: *N*Rafflesia Dead BOX / 
→: *N*Rafflesia RED BOX Fatpack is special price<3
*N*Rafflesia Arm Dead / Red
*N*Rafflesia Back Dead / Red
*N*Rafflesia BodyU Dead / Red
*N*Rafflesia EYE Dead / Red
*N*Rafflesia Head Dead / Red
violetta. -slight injury gacha
Mesh Lips: v. -slight injury mesh lips (RARE
Hair←: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Shijima hair-Brown set

Tops←: ALTAIR* pentagram top .black. maitreya
+Half-Deer+ Mewnificent Gacha
Mouse(brown): +Half-Deer+ Mewnificent - Brown Mouse Mouthie 
Ears: +Half-Deer+ Mewnificent - Snow Corset Ears RARE
Mouse(white): +Half-Deer+ Mewnificent - White Mouse Mouthie 

The Nightmare
Tops→: {sallie} Nightmare Kitten Top - Mait beta - white

The Project Se7en 
[PiAD] nail gacha You can choose Slink or Maitreya ver.
Nail←: [PiAD] autumn nail 04/Slink(wear)
Nail→: [PiAD] autumn nail 05/Slink(wear)
- Moon Festival - 2016
Eye→: "mignon." -KIRA KIRA crystal star Eyes. Moss Ecxclusive!

Mesh lip→: : "mignon." cosmetic - PuLip - GOLSHAN

the others
Skin: VCO ~ Tina's Skin { RARE }
Eye circles←: violetta. -unisex Periorbital dark circles(tinteble)
Teeth←: violetta. -teeth01
Scar: CURELESS [+] Himura Fresh Scar 
Stethoscope: B.C.C LoveHoney Nurse Stethoscope White
Pose←: H.J Nails5
Pose→: .:Joplino:. Pose Set Jewels

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