The Epiphany  How to play
"mignon." -anna. Gacha
Outfit: [1]"mignon." -anna maid dress. [Maitreya] RARE
Loafers: [2]"mignon." -anna loafers heel. [Maitreya] RARE
Nameplate: "mignon." -anna heart nameplate. RARE 
"mignon." -anna "moe" pancakes plate.[Exclusive] 
Pancakes Plate: "mignon." -anna "moe" pancakes plate. (strawberry)

The Seasons Story
Hair: [DUE] Somi
:: MOMOCHUU :: Jana gacha
Ribbon: :: MOMOCHUU :: Jana gacha . Head Ribbon [G]

MishMish - Skelly Cat for Luxebox 
*To join group, just copy & paste the below into local chat in-world:

Cat(hold): MishMish - Skelly Cat - Hold me
Cat(companion): MishMish - Skelly Cat Companion

Skin: : VCO ~ Tina's Skin { RARE }
Mesh lip: VCO _ Baba mesh lip
Socks: [Atomic] Apparel // Spring Frill Socks - Shell

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