UBUMExORIGAMI changed our schedule!!

7/15 - 7/31

    There is a gate that says "ORIGAMI" where you arrive first.

    Go through the gate and touch the crane to go to the mall.
8/11 - 9/10

    We will put limits on your script memory.

    The limits will be applied to EVERYONE including the mall customers. (by HP)

Kimono: Clemmm & *katat0nik* (Spider Lily) Cursed Kimono *special price@event
2 kimono types - with & without teeth on the hood.
Male size
Female size, + maitreya autohide version
Hair accessories (4 types)
Foot Straps (2 types, texture change)
Hanging Bandage (for under kimono)
Tintable Hair Bows (2 types)
Obi accessory

Face tattoo: 9 ULTRA RARE -[TWC]- Kitsune Spirit (-[TWC]- Albino Kitsune -Red- )
Hairstick(circle): Air_Kiku Kanzashi GB_CM / SA_CM
Headpiece: [CxC]Ayakashi Omote :Jorougumo:PURPLE
Geta(shoes): ALTAIR* bell geta .black x red. (silver bells) *for slink high
Umbrella: {Ame} umbrella ~ black r .::Cubic Cherry::. (Deco: red w/black w/red b)

Hair: [monso] My Hair - Yerin 

Lost & Found
Nail: [PiAD] summer nail 08/Maitreya(wear) RARE

VCO Mainstore
Skin: : VCO ~ Tina's Skin { RARE }
Mesh Lip: VCO ~ Lovely Vampire Lip _ Red { RARE }
Eyelashes: VCO ~ Bambi Eyelash [ White ] _ B

Pose: [andika/sakana posepack] all the stuff
Petal: *N*(GIRL) - Sakura Petal PPL 

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