CCB / Truth Hair

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Nayeli 
Head Arm Accessory: *N*AZALEA RED (HAIR PIERCE/ARM) @We<3 RP
Outfit Female: [MotiAme] Ichimatsu Yukata Red
House: 8f8 - serene sanctuary - Koi House RARE 

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Outfit Male: :::Breath:::YAMISODE set
Teeth: [KiiKO] Teeth -b
Eyeliner: [KiiKO] Eye bags with eyeshadow 2 -red(eyeliner)
Belt: tomoto, knot belt 
Plant: [[RH]] Turishinobu -Red- (REZ)
Desk: [[RH]] Fuzukue Black / Old
Chair: [[RH]] ZAISU Kasuri / Gara
Japanese Sweets: [MB] Wagashi gacha
Light: =AMEYA= #001 Andon
Petals: =AMEYA=#002 sakura

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