Wood shop gacha @Xiasumi

[NO CONCEPT] wood shop gacha
Rare = Wooden ball chair 
total 18 poses( Female / Male)

Xiasumi School Festival (April 3rd) Coming Soon!
[NO CONCEPT] wood shop gacha :
[NO CONCEPT] wooden ball chair(1.2.3) (Rare)
[NO CONCEPT] wooden clock
[NO CONCEPT] wooden chest (high / low)
[NO CONCEPT] wooden low stool (1.2.3)
[NO CONCEPT] wooden pendant lamp
[NO CONCEPT] wooden table
[NO CONCEPT] wooden tree cherry
[NO CONCEPT] wooden tree

[NO CONCEPT] alphabet wood plate
[NO CONCEPT] miniature ball chair gift

I can't wait to check it out!!
No concept @ Xiasumi : Woodshop club 4F

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