Party In Your Bedroom

All night long!

Xiasumi School Festival
Nighty: *_M.BIRDIE STORY_* GoodNight bongsook Pajamas 2 S  Ty♬Nico
Shoes: {anc} schoolshoes / butterfly : music; for slink flat feet 
Bread: B.C.C School canteen food-Red Bean Bread [Mouth]
Hand tattoo: NEO** : Pastel Horror - Pastel - RARE (for Slink Hands)
Pose: CLEM - Cute tryhard 8
Origami: [Nuna] x [143] Origami Chain + Pose 05
Shouyu: 14 - 8f8 - Rising Sun Delicates - Shoyu - Togarashi
Sushi: 07 - 8f8 - Rising Sun Delicates - Oshi Zushi
Yakumi: 13 - 8f8 - Rising Sun Delicates - Daikon - Gari - Wasabi  Ty♬ΚΈΙΝ

Bears: *ionic* - The story of Raccoons & Bears - 6 @TC4
Bunny: [MotiAme] Umbrella Bunny - Panda RARE
Nail: ::c.A.:: Diane *Kawaii Mini Hunt* Slink Nail Applier *Diane*
Hair: *ARGRACE* MINORI - Dark Blondes

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